1 Repetition Maximum (1RM)

Updated 1 year ago by Peter Li

Your estimated 1RM is the theoretical maximum weight you can lift in 1 rep for a given exercise, calculated from your past exercise history. This value will always be slightly higher than your actual max weight logged.

At Atlas, we use this number to calculate how much you should lift in other set and rep ranges. Your 1RM is critical for monitoring and optimizing your progress.

Testing your 1RM can be an intense operation, and requires a high degree of caution in order to avoid injury. Instead, we use a custom algorithm based on the Epley and Bryzcki formulas to compute your estimated 1RM. Think of this as a normalized number that describes how strong you are in the exercise, taking into account the varying sets and reps scheme that you perform.

Once your 1RM is identified, it can be used as a Load Target in future workouts. Many generic programs will ask to perform a percentage of your 1RM. Your Multi-Trainer 3 automatically converts this % into an actual pound/kilogram on the watch.

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