Log a missed set or log an unplanned set

Updated 1 year ago by Peter Li

On the Atlas Multi-Trainer, you can manually log a set if you want to perform an additional set or if a set was not automatically sensed.

Atlas Multi-Trainer automatically senses exercises that are calibrated to match your body and personal form. Learn more on how to calibrate exercises.

To manually log a set on Atlas Multi-Trainer

  1. Start a workout on Atlas Multi-Trainer.
  2. Open the workout menu by selecting BACK
  3. Select Log Set
  4. Select the name of the exercise you wish to log and select GO
You can only manually log exercises that are already in the current workout. (Version *,267,55)
  1. Select the number of reps and load you wish to log and select GO

Your Atlas smartphone app will reflect the saved log. Workouts can also be edited using the Atlas smartphone app.

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