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When your watch is charged and within range of the Atlas smartphone app, your data syncs automatically.

How to force a sync

  1. Tap the Atlas logo on the upper left hand corner of the main views to manually start a sync.

Alternatively, you can force a sync by:

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app > Insights > Profile > Advanced Settings > Sync
Don't see "Advanced Settings"? First you must set up and pair your Atlas Multi-Trainer 3.

Sync status is stuck on "Connecting..."

Your Multi-Trainer sync may be clogged. This is caused when there's a mismatch from the Watch and the App. We're not sure exactly how to replicate this bug yet, so please keep an eye out for any patterns on what may cause this and email us any details at This issue seems to occur on certain Android smartphones.

To fix a sync status stuck on "Connecting...":

  1. Go to Profile > Multi-Trainer 3 > Clear Watch Library.
(This action will delete all temporary data on your watch including any unsynced data. You will lose your unsynced data.)
  1. After clearing the watch library, force a Sync. (This action will update the Watch with your workouts from the App)

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