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End The Workout On Atlas Multi-Trainer

When you complete the workout, you feel a long vibration. If you're feeling good and ready for more, tap resume. When you're ready to end your workout:

  1. Select BACK to bring up the workout menu.
  2. Select up and down to scroll down to Save and End, then select Go.
On the summary screen select Back or Go to skip.

Review Your Log From A Recent Workout Session

Saved workout sessions sync to the Atlas smartphone app. After saving and ending the session, open the Atlas smartphone app.

  1. Your workout sessions sync automatically to the Atlas smartphone app. The sync progress appears on the upper right corner of the app.
TIP: To manually start a sync, tap the "A" Atlas logo on the upper left.
  1. Once the sync is complete, tap Insights on the bottom left to see your most recent workout session.
  2. Your most recent workout session appears at the top of the list. Tap to select and open the workout log.
TIP: You can review workout sessions from any day in the Atlas smartphone app by tapping Log.

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