Exercise progress charts and graphs

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Compare your progress for an exercise over time

You can also get advanced like Julia Gilas and keep track of training volume per exercise and workout duration.

Alternatively, one metric Matteo Fuzzi focuses on is 1-repetition maximum and Tana Cogan recommends tracking load range (minimum and maximum load used each week) to see if she can lift heavier each week.

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app and tap Insights > Profile > Exercises, then select the exercise you want to compare.
TIP: You can also compare exercise progress from your workout log. After selecting a workout session, tap on the exercise you want to compare.
  1. Tap Graph Data to select or change your key exercise metric.
Currently you can view all your completions of the exercise and graph your 30 session history of rep range, total reps, max reps, estimated 1RM range, load range, max load, and volume (reps x load).

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