Unguided (Freestyle) Workouts

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In unguided (freestyle) workout mode, Atlas Multi-Trainer senses and logs any exercise in the workout, in any order, and any number of times. There is no pre-determined order. You can select up to 50 exercises for an unguided (freestyle) workout.

  1. Open and start a workout. In this example, the workout "Dumbbells" is opened. Wait for your heart rate to lock on and appear. The timer is paused at 0:00 until you start the workout by pressing GO.
  1. Select ▶ to start the timer and begin the workout. The list of selected exercise appear on the bottom ticker. Doing any exercise from the list will be automatically sensed by Atlas Multi-Trainer.
Because different body types and forms affect 3-dimensional motion patterns, a new device may have exercises that need to be calibrated. Uncalibrated exercises are designated by a recording "•" symbol. These exercises will not be automatically sensed by Atlas Body Sensing until the exercise is calibrated. Learn more about calibrating Atlas Multi-Trainer.
See sections Recording Exercises, Adding Missed Exercises (not released yet), and Custom Exercise. Learn more about calibrating exercises
  1. After a few repetitions, Atlas Multi-Trainer automatically senses the exercise and the blue bar turns yellow. The bottom metrics display the numbers of sensed repetitions.
Looking at Atlas Multi-Trainer in the middle of an exercise set may change the 3-dimensional motion pattern and reduce the sensing accuracy.
  1. Upon completing the exercise, the set summary will display set metrics on the bottom half. After the time out, Atlas Multi-Trainer returns you to the rest view and logs your rest time.
  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to complete the unguided (freestyle) workout.

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