Sport mode workouts

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In Sport mode, Atlas Multi-Trainer logs your workout calories burned, heart rate and lap times. Your watch is preloaded with 50 over the most popular sports and you can create your own custom sport modes as well.

Sport modes on Atlas Multi-Trainer give you the flexibility to log anything and everything in a classic experience. For more advanced strength training modes learn more about standard guided or unguided (freestyle) modes.

Mark laps in your workout

You can use laps to track different segments of your workout. For example, in an Outdoor Run workout through the neighborhood, you could mark different parts of your run if you’re going through a park, up a hill, or completing lap on a track.

  1. During a sport mode workout, select Go.
  2. The lap number progresses and a new timer starts.

To see your laps and their duration after a workout

  1. On your smartphone, open the Atlas smartphone app and tap Log.
  2. Tap the day, then tap the session.

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