Why am I seeing a Atlas Connection notification on my Android phone?

Updated 10 months ago by Peter Li

Google has changed the way they notify you about apps running in the background, starting with Android 8.0 (Oreo). When your phone is running Android 8 or higher, you will see a persistent notification when you have "Sync in Background" enabled. The persistent notification looks like this:

Why does the Atlas smartphone app need to run in the background?

When enabled, the Atlas smartphone app needs to run in the background so that your watch and phone can stay connected for key features such as smart notifications and find my phone. This enables your watch to get notifications even if the Atlas smartphone app is closed. This also enables your phone to automatically sync data from your watch to your Atlas account.

Can I turn this notification off and keep Sync in Background on?

You can hide the persistent notification by:

  1. Swipe down to the notification drawer
  2. Tap and old the Atlas "Atlas Connection" notification
  3. Tap the gear icon
  4. Disable "Smart notifications And Sync Channel"

The Atlas smartphone app will continue to run in the background and not be disabled by this change.

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