Complete a workout in a different order

Updated 1 year ago by Peter Li

Complete unguided workouts in any order

After you open a workout the workout mode is displayed below the center bar.

Unguided workouts can be completed in any order. After you start the workout, the exercises you can do appear in the bottom ticker.

Exercises that have a "•" icon require additional calibration recordings before they are automatically counted. All other exercises in the ticker are calibrated and are logged and counted automatically.

Complete guided workouts in order or in a different order

Guided workouts have a pre-determined order. The arcs along the top of the screen indicate the sets in the workout routine. The thick arc indicates your current position. Completing a set will auto-progress you to the next set in the workout automatically and mark the completed set with a dark arc. You can also select UP/DOWN to navigate through the workout routine to complete the workout in a different order.

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