Calibration overview

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Because different body types and forms affect 3-dimensional motion patterns, a new user will need to calibrate their watch.

Calibration status icons (Green, red, and grey)

In the Atlas smartphone app, exercises that are already calibrated will be automatically sensed are designated by a green •. Exercises that require calibration are designated by a red • to the left of the exercise name. These exercises will not be automatically sensed. A new user will have green icons for 150 exercises, and red icons for the remaining exercises and any custom, user-added exercises.

Exercises that are set as "Manual" (e.g. isometric exercises like plank) will not be automatically Sensed are designated by a grey •. Learn more about logging isometric and non-repetitive exercises on Atlas Multi-Trainer.

In this example, Barbell Back Squat and Barbell Deadlift are calibrated and can be automatically sensed and logged by Atlas Multi-Trainer. Dumbbell Walking Lunge is an uncalibrated exercise that requires form recordings. Learn more about calibrating a new exercise. Wall Sit is an isometric exercise and requires manual logging. Learn more about logging isometric and non-repetitive exercises.

To view your Calibration status and recordings in the Atlas smartphone app

  1. Tap Workouts
  2. Tap a workout group in “My Library”
  3. Tap a workout
  4. Tap an Exercise in the workout
  5. Scroll down and tap “Calibration”

Or, you can also view your calibration status and recordings by:

  1. Tap Insights
  2. Tap Profile near the upper right corner
  3. Tap Exercises
  4. Tap an Exercise (If you can’t find your exercise, make sure you check your Filters in the upper right corner)
  5. Scroll down and tap “Calibration”

Here you can view your calibration status. When the Calibration Status is “Complete,” the exercise will have a green •. When the Calibration Status is “Incomplete,” the exercise will have a red •.

You can also swipe a recording to the left to delete “Bad Match” calibrations.

Your first calibration workout

Before you start the workout

  1. To begin your first calibration workout you must first set up and pair your Atlas Multi-Trainer 3.
  2. Discover or create your own standard workout and add the workout to your library. iOS users can also download this calibration workout.

Your first calibration workout

  1. Once the workout is on your watch, start the workout on Atlas Multi-Trainer.
  2. When the center bar is RED, the displayed exercise requires calibration
When the center bar is BLUE you can begin performing the exercise.
  1. Select GO to begin setting up the calibration recording for the selected exercise.
  2. Select the number of reps you will perform.
  3. Select the load you will use.
  4. Confirm your selection and get the equipment ready.
To get the most accurate recording, get in to the starting position of the exercise before recording. When you complete the set, end the recording as quickly as possible to avoid including other non-repetitive motions in the recording.
  1. Select GO to begin the 3 second countdown.
  2. When the countdown timer reaches 0:00, Multi-Trainer vibrates, indicating the recording has started. Begin to perform the preselected number of repetitions.
  3. As soon as you complete the recording, select GO to end the recording.
  4. An uncalibrated exercise requires 3 or more clean recordings before the calibration is complete. Calibrated exercises are designated by a green •. Learn more about calibration status icons and how to view your calibration status and recordings.

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