Exercise Set Targets

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In guided workouts you can create or discover, a variety of targets can be used for your exercise sets. Atlas Multi-Trainer vibrates to notify you when you’ve reached your target.

For every target, Atlas Multi-Trainer automatically senses your repetitions and biometrics. For example, an exercise set that's "5 Cals 25-lbs Dumbbell Thruster" won't start counting until the watch senses "Dumbbell Thruster". Then, Multi-Trainer automatically accumulates Calories burned and simultaneously counts repetitions, tracks HR, and more until you've burned 5 calories.

Exercises that require calibration will not be automatically identified or counted. Exercises that are calibrated may be automatically identified and counted.

How to change the exercise set target

You can set an exercise set target for guided workouts by:

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app and navigate to the guided workout.
  2. Tap Menu > then tap Edit.
  3. Find the exercise you would like to edit and select the blue menu option.
  1. Tap Change Exercise Target > then tap the desired Exercise Target!


Duration is a favorite exercise target used in HIIT and cardio workouts. The goal is simple, complete an exercise for a set duration. When the time is up, the exercise is complete.

For example, for a prescription of “00:30 of Dumbbell Squat with 50-lbs”, you should aim to perform the exercise for 30 seconds continuously. The countdown timer starts automatically when the exercise is detected. When you’ve completed the exercise for enough time, Atlas Multi-trainer vibrates automatically and log your repetitions and biometrics.


Repetitions are used in many workouts as an exercise target. Complete an exercise until you perform a set number of repetitions. When you perform enough repetitions, the exercise is complete and Atlas Multi-Trainer automatically vibrates.


Calories are an objective target to use for exercise sets. Complete an exercise until you burn a set amount of Calories. When you burn enough Calories, the exercise is complete and Atlas Multi-Trainer vibrates.

For example, you could be prescribed to continue on a treadmill for warm-up until you burn 5-Cals.

Max Repetitions

Max repetitions is the same as the exercise target “to failure”. Complete an exercise until you cannot complete any more repetitions with proper form.

Remember that in every workout form is crucial for safety and long term success. So even though you’re going for numbers here, it’s better to do fewer reps with proper form.

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