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The Atlas smartphone app comes with a collection of over 1,000 proven workouts to discover. You can select and add hundreds of workouts to your workout library on Atlas Multi-Trainer. You can also choose to create your own custom workouts to add to your Atlas Multi-Trainer.

Workouts are organized into groups. All workout groups in your workout library are synced to your Atlas Multi-Trainer.

Add a workout group to your Workout Library

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app.
  2. Tap Workouts, tap Discover, then tap Add on the workout group you want to add to your workout library.

Ensure Atlas Multi-Trainer is paired and nearby your smartphone. Learn more about how to pair your Atlas Multi-Trainer.

  1. Wait for sync progress to reach 100% for the workout to be added to your workout library and synced to Atlas Multi-Trainer.
Note: When you add a workout from Discover to your library, a copy of that workout is made. You can make changes to the workout to better suit your personal goals. Changes made to a deleted workout that was customized are unrecoverable.

Remove a workout group from your Workout Library

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app.
  2. Tap Workouts, then tap on the workout group you want to remove from your workout library and Atlas Multi-Trainer.
  3. Tap on the menu icon on the upper right, then tap Delete Workout Group.
Deleting a custom workout or a workout you edited will delete all changes and modifications you made to a public or shared workout. The workout and the changes you made will not be recoverable.

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