Update your Atlas Multi-Trainer

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Check the version of your Atlas smartphone app and Atlas Multi-Trainer

The Atlas smartphone app and Atlas Multi-Trainer both have different software version numbers. To check the version numbers, use these steps:

  1. Tap Insights > Profile > under the General section tap About
  2. These numbers are your version numbers (e.g. I,25, 229,49)

The first letter represents Android or iOS. The second number represents the App version, and the third and fourth numbers represent the main watch version and the watch display version.

[OS Version],[App Version],[Main Watch Version],[Watch Display Version]

Use the Atlas smartphone app to update the software on your Atlas Multi-Trainer.

Before you begin

  1. Update your iPhone or Android to the latest version.
  2. Make sure that your Atlas Multi-Trainer is on its charger and is at least 50% charged.
  3. Connect your phone to WiFi and keep your phone next to your Atlas Multi-Trainer so that they're in range.

Update your Atlas Multi-Trainer

When a new update is available, your Atlas smartphone app will download the update before installing and then notify you that an "Update is Available". Tap Update in the notification to begin the update installation.

To check for updates manually, use these steps:

  1. In the Atlas smartphone app, tap Insights > Profile (upper right) > Under the Watch section, tap Advanced Settings
  2. Tap Check for Updates. If an update is available, it will begin to download.
  3. Once the download is complete you will be prompted with an option to either save the update for later or immediately begin the installation.
  4. Tap Update to begin the installation. It could take up to 5 minutes for the update to complete.
Atlas Multi-Trainer may blink or the display may turn black while the update is installed.
Do not restart your Multi-Trainer during the update.

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