Create and edit custom workout routines

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Create your own workout routine

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app and tap Workouts.
  2. Select "+" on the upper right to create a new workout.
  1. Select the workout mode that best fits your plan. Learn more about which workout mode is best for you.
  2. Select "+ Add Exercise" and select an exercise to add to this workout.
  1. Scroll through the list and select your desired exercise. Or create your own new custom exercise.
  1. Enter the number of repetitions, the load amount, and rest time for the set.
The last 3 values you logged will appear in the keyboard suggestions line when selecting exercise set and load targets for an exercise that that you have completed before.
  1. Select "+ Add New Set" or "+ Add Exercise" to add additional sets and exercises.
  2. To change the exercise set or load target select "..." Learn more about different exercise set targets and different load targets.

Edit a workout

  1. Open the Atlas smartphone app and tap Workouts
  2. Select the workout to edit
  3. Select the menu "..." on the upper right
  1. Then select edit from the menu options

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