Changing your workout routine on the fly

Updated 1 year ago by Peter Li

In a guided workouts, you may want to complete a workout routine differently from your planned routine.

Complete a different number of repetitions

If you complete more or less repetitions than your initial target Atlas automatically counts the number you performed and auto-logs the number you perform. However, Atlas still vibrates at the initial target number of repetitions.

Change the repetition and load targets on the fly

You can change your repetition target to adjust when you get the vibration by:

  1. On the Atlas watch, start a guided workout and navigate to the set you want to perform differently.
  2. Select BACK to bring up the workout menu.
  3. Select UP/DOWN and select "Change Target".
  4. Modify the set target parameters and select GO to confirm your changes and return to the workout.
In addition to changing repetition targets, you can also change the target for duration, distance, calorie, and load sets on the fly the same way.

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