Basic activity, pedometer, and distance estimates

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How to check your basic activity on Atlas Multi-Trainer

You can check your step count and caloric burn any time on Atlas Multi-Trainer. Navigate to the feature by selecting UP/DOWN on the watch.

How to check your basic activity in the Atlas smartphone app

  1. On your smartphone, open the Atlas smartphone app, tap Log, and tap a day
  2. Scroll down to the Rest of Your Day section and look for your Basic Activity card
This number may not exactly match the basic activity metric on the Atlas Multi-Trainer watch.

When Atlas Multi-Trainer measures your basic activity

When Daily Activity Logging is enabled, Atlas Multi-Trainer measures your daily activity throughout the day when you’re still and when you’re walking. Based off your body's motion in 3D, Atlas Multi-Trainer estimates your step count. Atlas uses your daily step count and estimated stride length to estimate your distance traveled.

How do I adjust my basic activity estimates

  1. On your smartphone, open the Atlas smartphone app, tap Insights, and tap Profile in the upper right
  2. Under the Watch category, select and enable Daily Activity Logging
  3. Modify your Caloric Sensitivity, Pedometer Sensitivity, and Stride length

How do I measure my stride length?

Atlas Multi-trainer automatically calculates your stride length based on several factors. If your distance measurement seems inaccurate, follow the steps below to calculate your stride length.

To measure your walking stride length:

  1. Go to a track or basketball court (50 feet wide) where you're sure of the distance
  2. Count your steps as you walk across that distance
  3. Divide "the total distance taken" by "the number of steps" to get your stride length

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