Standard Guided Workouts

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In standard guided workouts, Atlas Multi-Trainer guides you through an ordered workout routine, set-by-set, with prescribed exercise set targets, load targets, and rest times. Smart vibrations will notify you when you reach the exercise set target and when your rest time is up.

In this example screen, the 8 arcs/bars reflect 8 total exercise sets in the example workout.
  1. Open and start a workout. In this example, the workout "Day 1: Abs/Cardio 1" is opened. Wait for your heart rate to lock on and appear. The timer is paused at 0:00 until you start the workout by pressing GO.
  1. Select ▶ to start the timer and begin the workout.
The first exercise set is highlighted with a thicker arc. The center bar text displays the selected exercise and the bottom metrics display the prescribed exercise set target and load target.
  1. Do the selected exercise. After a few repetitions, Atlas Multi-Trainer automatically senses the exercise and the blue bar turns yellow. The bottom metrics display your progress towards the exercise set target.
In guided modes, you must perform the selected exercise. Completing other exercises in the workout will not sensed. For a more flexible ad hoc workout experience, learn more about Unguided (freestyle) workouts.
  1. Upon completing the exercise, the set summary will display set metrics on the bottom half. After the time out, Atlas Multi-Trainer moves you to the next set in the workout and marks the completed set with a dark bar.
After completing a set, your rest timer will automatically begin to count down from the workout routine. If a rest time is not set, the timer will count up.
  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to complete a standard guided workout.

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